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An advanced system of HTML-compatible mark-up extensions to facilitate the creation of online tests, quizzes, and surveys. The project also includes preprocessing libraries (Java/C++) to dynamically convert Magex-HTML (in conjunction with database data) to HTML in various runtime contexts: initial fill-in, corrections, statistical analysis.

ClassicSoundPusher is a Classic (Mac OS 9) application that generates constant noise at zero volume while running to improve the peformance of certain Classic applications that produce audio. The main impetus for ClassicSoundPusher was to improve audio quality of foreign-language-learning Hypercard stacks running in the Classic environment of Mac OS X.

Transliterated US Keyboard for Russian For Mac OS X (10.2 +)
Russian linguists in the U.S. often learn the layout of keys on the standard U.S. keyboard, and "think" in those terms. Ideally, most would like to simply associate Cyrillic characters with the Roman letters for which they have already memorized the layout. This keyboard layout provides this "transliterative" function, producing genuine Cyrillic text. Using this layout is an alternative to learning the altogether different "official" Russian keyboard layout used in Russian-speaking countries, already included with Mac OS X. This keyboard resource is entirely based on the '* Translit' keyboard provided with the cRussifyMac suite from, designed for Mac OS 9.

Lab managers that image a master hard drive and then distribute the image to group of machines find a number of settings that must be subsequently manually configured on each host, including AppleTalk and Rendezvous names for the computer. Although DHCP can be used to automatically configure the IP address of a computer, there is no similar mechanism for configuring a machine's AppleTalk name and Rendezvous names. MachineRenamer will query the network information of the computer and compare it to the MachineRenamer preferences file. If there is a specific entry for the computer in the preference file, the computer's name and Rendezvous name will be set as the preference file specifies.

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