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Classic Sound Pusher (ClassicSoundPusher)

What is it?
ClassicSoundPusher is a Classic (Mac OS 9) application that generates constant noise at zero volume while running.

Why would I want it?
If you use certain applications in the Classic environment, such as Hypercard stacks with audio clips, you may notice that there is a slight truncation of the audio as it stops and starts. This program may help solve that problem and improve audio performance.

Why is that?
The Classic environment was very well written and only asks the Mac OS X operating system for permission to play audio while Classic applications are generating audio. Similarly, Mac OS 9 applications tend to be very well written and only generate audio while clips are being played. In the process of this starting and stopping of audio channeling, fractions of seconds of audio can be truncated, or cut off. The effect of this maniupulation is most dramatic when applications are simultaneously producing audio in Mac OS X (while listening to iTunes, for example).

How does this program help?
While this program is running, the Classic environment is always producing audio, and never "closes down" the audio channel. Because of this, there is less of a start/stop effect.

How do I use this program?
Simply start ClassicSoundPusher, and leave it running, before starting the Classic applications that make sounds. When starting, it might appear in your 'Dock' as below. When ClassicSoundPusher first starts, you may hear a short "beep."

Mac OS X Dock Picture

If the application is so simple, why does it use so much memory?
The application is "unnecessarily" large in memory (~1MB) because it's compatible with Mac OS 9 Appearance Themes, even if there is only one dismissable window. It also makes every effort to be a "good customer" to the Mac OS by being as robust an application as possible for such a simple task.

Is that it?
Yes, That is all! Have fun. I think I'll use this to learn Japanese.

© 2002 matthew taylor, multimedia learning center, northwestern university